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How Do I Set Up My Traffic Wave Auto-Responder Account

Solution Setting up your Traffic Wave Auto-Responder account is straight forward if you follow these instructions and emplot a little patience.

First you will need several pieces of information to setup your auto-responder in Traffic Wave to accept leads from SWAT Prospector:

Your Traffic Wave username, your Traffic Wave Series name which is the same thing as the campaign name, and decide on a redirect page, so that after someone signs up, gets the opt-in email from you and confirms, they are taken to whatever website you want.

1. Login to Traffic Wave

2. Click on Campaign Manager Icon


1. Click on Create New Campaign on the left

2. Give the Campaign a name like "SWAT" and a Description, this will be the "series" name, make
a note of it

3. Click on Create New Campaign

4. Click on Confirm

5. You should now be looking at your Campaign Overview

6. If you need to create a form for some purpose, like if you want to use Traffic Wave to collect leads from other sources, you could do that, but it is not necessary for just SWAT.

7. You'll need to create and edit your confirmation letter

8. Maybe add some follow up emails, but you could do this later


1. Click on the campaign you need to get information from.

2. Write down your series name which is the same as the Campaign name


1. Traffic Wave does not allow you to add anybody without them opting in so once you add them SWAT Prospector will redirect you as the person doing the adding back to where you started automatically which is


so you add the next lead in your downline list

2. We need 3 pieces of information to tell the SWAT system which list and which user, and the redirect webpage.

3. Logout of Traffic Wave

4. Login to your SWAT account, go to the settings panel

5. Enter your Traffic wave Series "SWAT" or whatever you entered it as. This is the same thing as the TW campaign name.

6. Enter your Traffic Wave Username.

7. Enter your Traffic Wave redirect using a full

http://www.yourwebsite.com" path.

Click on Save Settings.

If you followed the steps properly, each time a lead is added to SWAT, you can login and go to the downline panel. Use the submit buttons next to each person's name to add your leads to your Traffic Wave
auto-responder Campaign. Try to make sure you know which ones you've added so far so you don't add them more than once.

If your specific question was not addressed in this article, please submit a support ticket and I will personally reply to your request.
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